Zeinab Hosseini-Doust, Ph.D.

Principal Investigator

I am a chemical engineer, fascinated by microbiology. For more than 10 years, I have been working on employing the intelligence of biological systems (specifically bacteriophages and bacteria) to tackle the outstanding challenges related to human health. I joined the Chemical Engineering Department at McMaster in July 2016. I am also an associate member at the Micheal DeGroote Institute for Infectious Disease Research, The Farncombe Institute and the School of Biomedical Engineering.


Postdoctoral and Research Fellows

Andrew Wong
PhD in Molecular Biology
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Graduate Students

Claudia Alonso
PhD Student - Conacyt Scholarship, Globalink Graduate Fellowship
Dhanyasri Madibona
PhD student, BSc in Integrated Sciences from McMaster
Lei Tian
PhD Student- Robert B. Anderson Memorial Prize for Leadership and Excellence
Sadru (Dru) Walji
PhD Student, BSc and MSc from U Waterloo
Fereshteh Bayat
PhD student, Co-supervised with Dr Didar
Kyle Jackson
MASc Student, Ontario Graduate Scholarship Awardee, BSc from McMaster Biochemistry BDC
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Project & Thesis Students

Eric Asgari
B Health Sci (Honours)
Genevieve Dietrich
Molecular Biology and Genetics
NSERC USRA Recipient
Hannah Yun Zhi He
Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours)
Kyle Jackson
Biochemistry, BDC
NSERC USRA Recipient
Leon He
Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours)
NSERC USRA Recipient
Sina Ghasempour
NSERC USRA recipient
Taran Bhartt
Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours)
Winnie Situ
Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours)
NSERC USRA Recipient
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Alumni (MASc, PhD)

Azucena Gonzalez
Chem Eng MASc, 2018
Product Support Specialist, GEOTAB
Sharita Ganeshan
BMED MASc, 2018
PhD Candidate, University of Western Australia
Azadeh Peivandi
Chem Eng MASc, 2018
QC Chemist at Toronto Research Chemicals
Sara Jahromi
BMED MASc, 2020
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Alumni (UG Thesis, Coop)

Chenchen Xu
MD candidate for University of Ottawa
Sophie Shu-Hsuan Liu
B. Health Sci, NSERC USRA
Randi Mahabir
Saif Syed
Graduate student at U of T
Paul Tieu
B. Health Sci (Honours)
Nicole Wong
Chemical Biology
Kenji Marshall
Bioengineering (McGill)
Farncombe Scholarship recipient
Connor Davis
Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences
Krish Joshi
9th grade IB student in the Halton region
Luke Yaeger (2018)
MSc. student in Biochemistry, McMaster
Aileen Liu (2018)
Honours Integrated Science
Grace Fu (2017)
Electrical Engineering
NSERC USRA recipient
Karyn Mukriri (2017)
B. Tech coop
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