Learn more about phage:

100 years of phage
NCBI virus sequences
Canadian Medical Hall of Fame
Félix d'Hérelle Reference Center for bacterial viruses
Phage therapy
DSMZ-German collection of phage
Eliava Institute
SEA Phages
DSMZ/PHAGE Scientific Cooperation
Evergreen Phage Lab
Actinobacteriophage Database
Phage Display
Phage Therapy
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Basic biotechnology techniques:

McMaster Biosafety
Pipetting 101
Pipetting problem liquids
BioRad training videos
Cell Culture Basics from Gibco®
How to use a centrifuge
Centrifuge maintenance
How to pour agar plates
How to Use Parafilm with Agar Plates
Plate Streaking
CAPP Pipette cleaning maintenance
Eppendorf Pipette Resources
Prolin Pipette Maintenance
Water in the Laboratory
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Resources for life:

The Science of Learning
The science of everyday thinking
The Science of Success
A Life of Happiness and Fulfillment
Tim Urban's TED talk on procrastination
Talks to watch when you don't know what to do with your life
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Resources for grad school:

How to: academic writing
How to: Literature reviews
Explore connected papers in a visual graph
How to design a poster
The scientific method
Introduction to experiment design
Controlled Experiments
Independent vs. Dependent Variables
Design of Experiment (DOE)
George Whitesides - How to Write a Paper to Communicate Your Research
George Whitesides - Improving your writing
George Whitesides - What if your article is rejected?
Selecting Peers to Suggest as Reviewers
Writing Your Cover Letter
The Review Process For Authors
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Bioscience Blogs and Protocols:

Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes
LoC Blog
Nature methods
Nature Protocols
CSH protocols
Millipore Sigma
cochrane library
Qiagen Protocols
Centre for Phage Technology- Phage Protocols
Addgene Blog
SEA Phages Tutorials
ASM Blog
Clinical Trials
Mayo clinic clinical trials
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Courses and workshops:

EMBL Courses
ACS Webinars
EMBO courses
Gordon Research Conferences
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Biotech & pharma news:

Genetic engineering & biotech news
Biopharma dive
Endpoints News
Fierce Biotech
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Career resources:

Chemical Institute of Canada
Nature Jobs
Nature Careers
Science Careers
ACS careers
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